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Bill was a 13 year old very active boy when he was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma in September 2010. He had a one leg a little bigger than the other, which he put down to muscle growth from kick-starting his Honda crf150 motocross bike. He never complained of any pain so we never gave it much thought.

After breaking his knuckles whilst racing in August, Bill developed a cough, we went to the doctors and were given antibiotics, this did not seem to have any affect so we returned to the doctors and were admitted to hospital, Bill needed a chest drain, the children's surgeon was not available so we were rushed to Bristol Children's Hospital, where they noticed his leg and investigated.

Bills treatment involved a biopsy at Birmingham Children's Hospital, followed by months of chemotherapy at Bristol Children's Hospital and the Royal Cornwall Hospital, Treliske. Additionally he was treated at the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, Bristol where he had a stem cell transplant and was in the isolation unit for 8 weeks, which he handled with great courage and a positive attitude. Following this he then had 7 weeks of radiotherapy which was to be the last treatment, everyone was so positive the treatment was working, but 2 weeks before the end of his radiotherapy course, his leg started to swell again, it was thought that this could be due to the radio therapy, then it may be a blood clot, so we were showed how to inject him, to thin his blood, true to his positive nature he said " I'll do it". We returned home. Regularly visiting Treliske for blood test, his doctors were not happy so decided to do a scan of his chest. We were told the cancer had returned, Bill wanted to go home. His treatment finished in June, he died in July.

Despite Bill's illness, he was determined to live life to the full, he would ride his quad at weekends between treatment, he loved fiddling with his bicycles and he taught his sister Mary to ride a geared 65cc motorbike.

Bill was loved by all that knew him, his sense of fun, and strong will, he had the ability to make you feel at ease even with his illness. He has left a lasting impression on us all. Love and miss you x

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